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My wish for you

The promise of the age of technology was to improve connections and relationships at all levels.  Instead, many of us feel a deep disconnect in our workplaces, our families, ourselves.  We have lost our connection to what is most important to us, and our ability to live in the present moment.

I am here to remind you that inside of you is everything that you wish for and more.  All it takes are some tools, strategies, and a willingness to try to be more present in your life, and you will find within yourself everything you are seeking.  It is already here.  Right now.  You are enough.  


Be content with what you have

rejoice in the way things are

when you realize there is nothing lacking

the whole world belongs to you.

Babies are naturally present.  As we grow, we lose our ability to find joy in the small miracles of life – a blooming flower, a dog happily wagging its tail, the start of a new day, the smile of a loved one.  We also shut off our ability to feel the pain, the sadness, the struggles that are a very part of being human, and instead focus on achievement as a way to get back what we once had – an ability to be our true, authentic selves. 

As you rediscover your ability to connect to the present moment, you will also unearth the effortless ways in which you can share your gifts and passions with all those you come into contact with.  Through the present moment, through your breath, through movement, through connecting with others, you will find what you seek, and thereby become a beacon for others to do the same. 

In practicing mindfulness, we return to the deepest place within ourselves, to the truth of who we are.  From this place, it is natural to find meaning and connection with others, and a sense of purpose in everything we do.

By practicing living in the present in small ways throughout the day, whether through yoga, meditation, mindful eating or other practices, you will find your way back to the place of Being, the place of joy, love, enthusiasm and compassion.  You will also befriend your demons, seeing that they are nothing other than part of your beautiful, imperfect humanness.

My wish for you is that you take the plunge.  Go on your most important journey possible, to the depths of your own self.  The whole Universe will meet you there.

It would be my honour to be your companion along the way.​

- Paula Vital

- Lao Tzu